A Complete Listing of Our Productions 

We have included information from our past shows. This is only a small amount of information for some of our productions.


Aladdin (Pantomime)

18th - 26th January 2020 (9 perf)

(Dir) Nick Garrod / Andrew Groom / Ryan Takman (Choreo) Bethany Freeman (MD) Joe Ringer, (Production Secretaries) Georgina Warren (ASM) / Fay Bishop (SM)


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Musical)

24th - 28th September 2019 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter / Paula Crisp (Choro) Louise Hebborn (MD) Jonathan Gibbs (Production Assistant) Steph Garrod

Evita (Musical)

31st May - 8th June 2019

(Dir) Stephen Wilson / Louise Clarke (Choreo) Louise Clarke, (MD) Jonathan Gibbs, (Production Assistant / Asst. Choro) Sami Bain 

Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood (Pantomime)

19th - 27th January 2019 (9 perf)

(Dir) Lauren Nevill / Beth Lewis, (Choreo) Beth Lewis, (MD) Joe Ringer, (Production Secretary) Annie Richards-Croft 


A Christmas Spectacular (Revue)

7th - 15th December 2018 (11 perf)

(Dir) Jimmy Atkin (Choreo) Megan Barr / Natasha Bird (MD) Francesca Warren / Rebecca George-Broom / Ruth Warren (Comedy) Gerald Wilson (Production Secretary) Caroline Warren (Stage Manager / Technical) Ryan Takman / Andrew Groom

Made in Dagenham (Musical)

20th - 29th September 2019 (8 perf)

(Dir) Nick Garrod / Wendy Takman, (Choro) Wendy Takman / Beccie Amer, (MD) Krista Ribbons, (SM) Jan Takman, (Production Assistant) Lucy Napthine, (Production Assistant - Technical) Andrew Groom

Guys & Dolls (Musical)

31st May - 9thJune 2018 (9 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson / Paula Crisp (Choreo) Beth Freeman (MD) Stella Brownsea (Production Assistant) Bernie Gooch / Caroline Warren (SM) Kim Richards-Croft

Cinderella (Pantomime)

20th - 28th January 2018 (9 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson / Beth Lewis, (Choreo) Beth Lewis / Kelly Reed, (Rehearsal MD) Krista Ribbons, (Show MD) Carl Simmons,(Comedy Assistant) Ryan Takman, (Creative Assistant) Andrew Groom, (Production Secretaries) Caroline Warren / Claire Wing


The Sound of Musicals (Musical)

28th September - 8th October 2017 (10 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter, (Choreo ) Beth Lewis, Louise Hebborn, Bethany Freeman, Anna Goodhand, (Rehearsal MD) Krista Ribbons, (Production Secretary) Annie Richards-Croft, Paula Crisp, Bernie Gooch

Hairspray (Musical)

6th - 10th June 2017 (6 perf)

(Dir) John Marjoram, (Choreo ) Sami Bain, Katie Warnes (MD) Rob Goodrich, (Production Secretary) Annie Richards-Croft

Snow White (Pantomime)

21st - 29th January 2017 (9 perf)

(Dir) Jimmy Atkin/Stephen Wilson, (Choreo) Bethany Freeman, (Children's Choreo) Beth Lewis, (Rehearsal MD) Rebecca George-Broom, (Show MD) Mike West, (Production Secretary) Caroline Warren


A Christmas Spectacular 2016 (Revue)

2nd - 11th December 2016 (11 perf)

(Dir) Lauren Nevill, (Dir) Polly Woodward, (Choreo) Emily Fox (Prod) Jenny Wright (Comedy) Stephen Wilson/Deanne Dickson, (Rehearsal MD) Krista Ribbons

Spamalot (Musical)

9th - 17th September 2016 (9 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson/Gerald Wilson, (Choreo ) Katie Warnes, (Rehearsal MD) Francesca Warren, (Show MD) Stephen Brown (Production Secretary) Paula Crisp

Sister Act (Musical)

7th - 11th June 2016 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter/Nick Garrod (Choreo ) Louise Hebborn, (MD) Francesca Warren, (Production Assistant) Annie Richards-Croft

Dick Whittington and The Pirate Adventure (Pantomime)

22nd January - 31st January 2016 (9 perf)

(Dir) John Marjoram & Wendy Takman, (Choreo) Wendy Takman & Beccie Amer, (Assistant Choreo) Morgan Clarke (Children's Choreo) Beth Lewis, (Panto MD) Francesca Warren & Mike West


A Christmas Spectacular 2015 (Revue)

4th - 13th December 2015 (11 perf)

(Dir/Choreo) Beth Lewis, (Dir) Jimmy Atkin, (Children's Choreo) Louise Clarke, (Prod) Martin Wilson, Nick Garrod & Jenny Wright (Comedy) Gerald Wilson, (MD) Francesca Warren

Grease (Musical)

11th - 19th September 2015 (10 perf)

(Dir) Harriet Chambers, (Choreo ) Anna Goodhand, (MD) Carl Simmonds, (Production Assistant) Hazel Cole

Legally Blonde (Musical)

The East Anglian Amateur Premiere

2nd - 6th June 2015 (6 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson, (Choreo ) Beth Lewis, (MD) Krista Ribbons, (Vocal Coach)  Deanne Dickson, (Assistant Choreo) Wendy Takman, (Production Assistant) Claire Wing / Annie Richards-Croft

Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

24th January - 2nd February 2015 (9 perf)

(Dir) Lauren Major, (Choreo) Louise Clarke, (Rehearsal MD) Krista Ribbons, (Panto MD and Orchestrations) Mike West



A Christmas Spectacular 2014 (Revue)

5th - 14th December 2014 (11 perf)

(Dir/Choreo) Louise Clarke, (Ass Dir) Jimmy Atkin,

(Prod) Martin Wilson & Nick Garrod, (Comedy) Gerald Wilson, (MD) Francesca Warren, (Rehearsal Vocal Coach) Rob Goodrich

Aspects of Love (Musical)

4th - 13th September 2014 (9 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson, (Choreo and Assistant Director) Louise Clarke, (MD) Rob Goodrich, (Assistant MD) Francesca Warren (Production Assistant) Deanne Dickson

Annie (Musical)

20th - 24th May 2014 (6 perf)

(Dir) Julia Rymer, (Adult Choreo) Laura-Jane Timewell, (Children's Choreo) Jayne King, (MD) Matthew Hardy, (Production Assistant) Pat Cregan

Beauty And The Beast (Pantomime)

25th January 2014- 2nd February 2014 (9 perf)

(Dir) John Marjoram and Lauren Major, (Choreo) Jordan Ayres, (MD) Carl Simmonds, (Musical Orchestrations) Mike West, (Comedy Assistant) Gerald Wilson


A Christmas Spectacular 2013 (Revue)

6th - 15th December 2013 (11 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter, (Dir/Choreo) Wendy Takman,

(Prod) Martin Wilson & Nick Garrod, (Assistant Choreo) Louise Clarke, (MD) Rob Goodrich, (Assistant MD) Stuart Lamb

Calendar Girls (Drama)

19th - 29th September 2013 (8 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson, (Assistant Dir) Louise Hay

Oliver! (Musical)

25th - 29th June 2013 (6 perf)

(Dir) Lauren Major, (Choreo) Anna Goodhand,

(MD) Stella Brownsea, (Assistant MD) Stephen Brown, (Rehearsal Coach) Ellie Chapman, (Production Assistant) Louise Connolly

Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)

26th January 2012- 3rd February 2013 (9 perf)

(Dir) Dave Higgins, (Assistant Dir) Harriet Chambers, (Choreo) Beth Lewis & Jordan Ayres, (MD) Mike West, (Vocal Coach) Krista Ribbons, (Comedy Assistant) Gerald Wilson


A Christmas Spectacular 2012 (Revue)

7th - 16th December 2012 (10 perf)

(Dir/Choreo) Wendy Takman, (Prod) Martin Wilson & Nick Garrod, (Assistant Choreo) Louise Clarke, (MD) Rob Goodrich

The Sound of Music (Musical)

29th May - 2nd June 2012 (6 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson, (Assistant Dir / Choreo) Wendy Takman, (MD) Stella Brownsea, (Production Assistant) Louise Connolly

Cinderella (Pantomime)

21st - 29th January 2012 (9 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson, (Assistant Dir) Deanne Dickson, (Choreo) Louise Clarke, (MD) Mike West, (Vocal Coach) Stuart Lamb, (Comedy Assistant) Gerald Wilson


Our House (Musical)

20th - 24th September 2011 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dave Higgins/Wendy Takman, (Choreo) Wendy Takman / Louise Clarke, (MD) Krista Ribbons, (Assistant MD) Julia Higgins

Annie Get Your Gun (Musical)

7th - 11th June 2011 (6 perf)

(Dir) Tina Vanston (Choreo) Anna Goodhand (MD) Matthew Hardy


Robin Hood: Prince Of Sherwood (Pantomime)

22nd - 30th January 2011 (9 perf)

(Dir) John Marjoram / Louise Connolly / Wendy Takman (Choreo) Wendy Takman / Michelle Wilson (Childrens Choreo) Melanie Sharman (MD) Mike West (Vocal Coach) Stella Brownsea


The Full Monty (Musical)

21st - 25th September 2010 (6 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson / John Marjoram (Choreo) Louise Clarke (MD) Stella Brownsea

South Pacific (Musical)

18th - 22nd May 2010 (6 perf)

(Dir) Julia Rymer (Choreo) Melanie Sharman (MD) Matthew Hardy

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Pantomime)

23rd - 31st January 2010 (9 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Beccie Simpson (Ass Choreo) Emily Simpson / Louise Hebborn (MD) Mike West (Vocal Coach) Stuart Lamb


Boogie Nights (Musical)

22nd - 26th September 2009 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dave Higgins (Ass Dir) Wendy Takman (Choreo) Wendy Takman (Ass Choreo) Louise Clarke (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson

Chess (Musical)

19th - 23rd May 2009 (5 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson(Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson

Beauty and the Beast (Pantomime)

24th January - 1st February 2009 (9 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (Ass Dir) Gerald Wilson (MD) Mike West


The King and I (Musical)

23rd - 27th September 2008 (6 perf)

(Dir) Christine Mullord (Ass Dir) Emily Simpson (Choreo) Jordan Ayers(MD) Matthew Hardy

Carousel (Musical)

20th - 24th May 2008 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Wendy Takman (MD) Matthew Hardy


Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

21st December 2007 - 6th January 2008 (6 perf)

(Dir) David Higgins (Choreo) Jordan Ayers/Beccie Simpson (MD) Carl Simmonds

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Musical)

11th - 15th September 2007 (5 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson / John Marjoram (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Kevin Bell


Fiddler on the Roof (Musical)

22nd - 26th May 2007 (5 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Matthew Hardy


Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Pantomime)

21st December 2006 - 7th January 2007 (16 perf)

(Dir) David Higgins (Ass Dir) Louise Connolly (Choreo) Rachel Adams/Jordan Ayers (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

Jekyll & Hyde (Musical)

12th - 16th September 2006 (5 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Mike West

My Fair Lady (Musical)

23rd May - 27th May 2006 (6 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson/David Higgins (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Matthew Hardy


Cinderella (Pantomime)

21st December 2005 - 7th January 2006 (17 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Ass Dir) Bim Ainslie (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

Summer Holiday (Musical)

13th - 17th September 2005 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter/David Higgins (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Mike West

Titanic (Musical)

24th - 28th May 2005 (5 perf)

(Dir) Nicholas Garrod/Julia Rymer (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Drama) 

20th - 23rd April 2005 (4 perf)

(Dir) Jane O-Brien


Aladdin and his Magical Lamp (Pantomime)

19th December 2004 - 2nd January 2005 (15 perf)

(Dir) Martin Wilson/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Shirley Hurren

(MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

West Side Story (Musical)

13th - 18th September 2004 (7 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

Kindly Leave the Stage (Drama)

5th - 7th August 2004 (3 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter

Oliver! (Musical)

24th - 29th May 2004 (7 perf)

(Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins



Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)

20th December 2003 - 3rd January 2004 (15 perf)

(Dir) David Higgins/Darryl Peek (Choreo) Beccie Simpson/Charlotte Moore

(MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

Jesus Christ Superstar (Musical)

15th - 20th September 2003 (7 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Musical)

20th - 24th May 2003 (5 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins


Dick Whittington and His Cat (Pantomime)

21st December 2002 - 4th January 2003 (14 perf)

(Dir) Nicholas Garrod (Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) Wendy Takman/Kelly Newsham /Louise Hebborn (MD) Juanita Amer/David Hawkins

Copacabana (Musical)

17th - 21st September 2002 (5 perf)

(Dir) Mark Lake (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Kevin Bell

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Musical)

27th May - 1st June 2002 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson

Stepping Out (Drama)

11th - 13th April 2002 (3 perf)

(Dir) David Higgins (Choreo) Rachel Adams


Beauty & the Beast (Pantomime)

21st December 2001 - 5th January 2002 (15 perf)

(Dir) David Higgins (Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Kevin Bell

The Sound of Music (Musical)

17th - 22nd September 2001 (7 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson

Hello, Dolly! (Musical)

26th May - 2nd June 2001

(Dir) Mark Lake (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson


Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

22nd December 2000 - 6th January 2001

(Dir) Nicholas Garrod/Gerald Wilson (Choreo) Michelle Wilson/Wendy Takman/Shirley Hurren (MD) Jonathan Armes/Lynn Bullard

Gypsy (Musical)

19th - 23rd September 2000

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Scrooge (Musical)

27th May - 3rd June 2000 (8 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Murray Walding


Cinderella 2000 (Pantomime)

18th December 1999 - 2nd January 2000 (15 perf)

(Dir) Chris Darnell (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Murray Walding

Little Shop of Horrors (Musical)

6th - 11th September 1999

(Dir) Karen Carter/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Murray Walding

Guys & Dolls (Musical)

29th May - 5th June 2001 (8 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson/Murray Walding


Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Pantomime)

19th December 1998 - 2nd January 1999 (15 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Murray Walding

Oklahoma! (Musical)

23rd - 30th May 1998 (8 perf)

(Dir) David Emmerson (Choreo) Alison Jessop (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson/Murray Walding



Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)

20th December 1977 - 3rd January 1998 (15 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (Ass Dir) Gerald Wilson (MD) Murray Walding

Singin - in the Rain (Musical)

15th - 20th September 1997

(Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson

Me & My Girl (Musical)

24th - 31st May 1997

(Dir) Karen Carter/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob Mc-Neil-Watson/Murray Walding


Aladdin (Pantomime)

21st December 1996 - 4th January 1997 (15 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson (Ass Dir) Neil Coleby (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Murray Walding

The Hired Man - Gorleston Music Festival (Musical)

8th November 1996 (1 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter/Nicholas Garrod (MD) Murray Walding

The Hired Man (Musical)

21st - 26th October 1996 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Murray Walding

Chess (Musical)

25th May - 1st June 1996 (8 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil-Watson/Murray Walding


Beauty and the Beast (Pantomime)

22nd December 1995 - Sat 6th January 1996 (15 perf)

(Co Dir) Stephen Wilson, (Co Dir) David Higgins, (Choreo) Shirley Hurren, (MD) Murray Walding

Strike Up the Band (Revue)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Murray Walding/Bob McNeil Watson

42nd Street (Musical)

27th May - 3rd June 1995 (8 perf)

(Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson (Assistant MD) Murray Walding


Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood (Pantomime)

17th December 1994 - 1st January 1995 (15 perf)

(Dir) Gerald Wilson/Martin Wilson (Choreo) Michelle Wilson/Louise Hebborn (MD) Murray Walding

Annie (Musical)

24th - 29th October 1994 (7 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson/Karen Carter (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

South Pacific (Musical)

28th May - 4th June 1994 (9 perf)

(Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

There Goes the Bride (Drama)

(Dir) Karen Carter


Cinderella (Pantomime)

18th December 1993 - 1st January 1994 (15 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil Watson/Murray Walding

Regards to Broadway - Gorleston Music Festival (Revue)

6th November 1993 (2 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

The King & I (Musical)

29th May - 5th June 1993 (7 perf)

(Dir) Jean Simmonds (Ass Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Pantomime)

19th December 1992 - 2nd January 1993 (15 perf)

(Dir) Martin Wilson/Simon West (Dir/Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

West Side Story (Musical)

21st - 26th September 1992 (6 perf)

(Dir) Karen Carter/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Anything Goes (Musical)

23rd - 30th May 1992 (7 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Choreo) Shirley Hurren (MD) Bob Mc Neil-Watson


Jack & the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

21st December 1991 - 4th January 1992 (16 perf)

(Dir) Gerald Wilson/Martin Wilson (Choreo) Michelle Cope/Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Mame (Musical)

25th May - 1st June 1991 (8 perf)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil- Watson


Dick Whittington & His Wonderful Cat (Pantomime)

29th December 1990 - 5th January 1991 (11 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson/Karen Carter (Ass Dir) Simon West (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Musical)

(Dir) Martin Wilson/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Karen Carter (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Oliver! (Musical)

26th May - 2nd June 1990

(Dir) Karen Carter/Deanne Dickson/Andy Harper (Choreo) Michelle Cope/Karen Carter (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Aladdin & His Magical Lamp (Pantomime)

30th December 1989 - 6th January 1990 (perf)

(Dir) Peter Wilson (Choreo) Louise Hebborn (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Show Boat (Musical)

27th May - 3rd June 1989 (8 perf)

(Dir) Andy Harper/Peter Wilson (Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Cinderella (Pantomime)

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (Revue)

14th - 16th Oct 1988 (3 perf)

(Dir) Nicholas Garrod/Martin Wilson (Dir/Choreo) Karen Carter (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Oklahoma! (Musical)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson


Babes in the Wood (Pantomime)

27th Dec 1987 - 2nd Jan 1988 (10 perf)

(Dir) Paul Holman/Martin Wilson (Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Showtime Express (Revue)

3rd - 5th Sept 1987 (3 perf)

(Dir) Nicholas Garrod/Stephen Wilson (Choreo) Karen Carter/Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Gaslight (Drama)

19th - 22nd Aug 1987

(Dir) Linda Taylor (Ass Dir) Denier Murch

Pirates of Penzance (Musical)

23rd - 30th May 1987 (8 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson/Karen Carter (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Puss in Boots (Pantomime)

27th Dec 1986 - 3rd Jan 1987 (10 perf)

(Dir) Andy Harper (Dir/Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

In Concert - Gorleston Music Festival (Revue)

8th Nov 1986(1 perf)

Who Goes Bare (Drama)

10th - 13th Sept 1986 (4 perf)

(Dir) Pam Hopper/Denier Murch

Fiddler on the Roof (Musical)

24th - 31st May 1986 (7 perf)

(Dir) Andy Harper/Linda Taylor (Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Jack & the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

28th Dec 1985 - 4th Jan 1986

(Dir) Stephen Wilson/Nicholas Garrod (Choreo) Karen Ayers (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Summer Nights (Revue - 6 week summer season)

Summer Season 1985 (6 perf)

(Dir) Nicholas Garrod/Martin Wilson (Choreo) Karen Ayers/Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Hans Anderson (Musical)

25th May - 1st June 1985 (8 perf)

(Dir) Andy Harper/Peter Wilson (Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Dick Whittington & His Cat (Pantomime)

28th Dec 1984 - 5th Jan 1985 (11 perf)

(Dir) Paul Holman (Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) Linda Taylor (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Night Watch (Drama)

12th - 15th Sept 1984 (4 perf)

(Dir) Dave Ludlow/Tony Killett

Hello, Dolly! (Musical)

26th May - 2nd June 1984 (8 perf)

(Dir) Martin Wilson/Nicholas Garrod (Dir/Choreo) Karen Ayers (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Aladdin & His Magical Lamp (Pantomime)

30th Dec 1983 - 7th Jan 1984 (11 perf)

(Dir) Val Byde/Andy Harper (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

That's Entertainment -83 (Revue)

23rd - 24th Sept 1983 (2 perf)

(Dir) Martin Wilson

Dry Rot (Drama)

7th - 10th Sept 1983 (4 perf)

(Dir) Derek Driver

The Great Waltz (Musical)

28th May - 3rd June 1983 (7 perf)

(Dir) Peter Wilson/Karen Ayers (Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Cinderella (Pantomime)

31st Dec 1982 - 8th Jan 1983 (11 perf)

(Dir) Andy Harper/Val Byde (Choreo) Julie Adams/Julie Wilson/June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Ghost Train (Drama)

8th - 11th Sept 1982 (4 perf)

(Dir) Pam Hopper

Brigadoon (Musical)

29th May - 5th June 1982 (7 perf)

(Dir) Val Byde (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)

28th Dec 1981 - 2nd Jan 1982

(Dir) Stephen Wilson (Choreo) Karen Ayers (MD) Bob Mc Neil-Watson

That's-Entertainment 81 (Revue)

17th Oct 1981 (1 perf)

Something's Afoot (Musical)

21st - 26th Sept 1981 (6 perf)

(Dir) Martin Wilson (MD) Bob McNeil Watson

Carousel (Musical)

23rd - 30th May 1981 (7 perf)

(Dir) Val Byde/Coral Newell (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Babes in the Wood (Pantomime)

27th Dec 1980 - (10 perf)

(Dir/MD) Paul Holman (Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) June Glennie/Rosemary Jones

That's Entertainment -80 (Revue)

18th Oct 1980 (1 perf)

(Dir) Val Byde/Martin Wilson


Top Gear (Drama)

(Dir) Ron Morley

Beccles RAFA Revue (Revue)

2nd August 1980 (1 perf)

Beccles Regatta Revue (Revue)

2nd September 1980 (1 perf)

Irene (Musical)

24th - 31st May 1980 (7 perf)

(Dir) Val Byde/Martin Wilson (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

29th Dec 1979 - 5th Jan 1980 (10 perf)

(Dir/MD) Paul Holman (Ass Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) June Glennie

Wanted One Body (Drama)

12th - 15th Sept 1979

(Dir) Karen Ayers

Beccles Regatta Revue (Revue)

1st August 1979 (1 perf)

My Fair Lady (Musical)

28th May - 2nd June 1979 (6 perf)

(Dir) Pam Hopper (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Bob McNeil Watson


Dick Whittington & His Cat (Pantomime)

30th Dec 1978 - 6th Jan 1979 (10 perf)

(Dir) Val Byde/Martin Wilson (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Paddy Burden

The Anniversary (Drama)

20th - 23rd Sept 1978 (4 perf)

(Dir) Ron Morley

The Merry Widow (Musical)

29th May - 3rd June 1978 (6 perf)

(Dir) Deanne Dickson (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) John Farmer

Aladdin (Pantomime)

2nd - 7th Jan 1978 (8 perf)

(Dir) Pam Hopper/Martin Wilson (Choreo) June Glennie (MD) Paddy Burden


That's Entertainment - Gorleston Music Festival (Revue)

1st November 1977 (1 perf)

(Venue St. Andrew's Octagon)

Annie Get Your Gun (Musical)

6th - 11th June 1977 (6 perf)

(Dir) David Turner (Choreo) Hillary Mullen (MD) John Farmer


Puss in Boots (Pantomime)

27th Dec 1976 – 1st Jan 1977 (9 perf)

(Dir) Pam Hopper/Martin Wilson (Choreo) Hillary Mullen (MD) Paddy Burden

Not Now Darling (Drama)

16th – 18th Sept 1976 (3 perf)

(Dir) Rosina Jennings

Bless the Bride (Musical)

31st May – 5th June 1976 (6 perf)

(Dir) David Turner (Choreo) Molly Wright (MD) John Farmer

Roots (Drama)

2nd – 4th April? 1976 (3 perf)

(Dir) Rosina Jennings (Dir Ass) Alan Hales


Cinderella (Pantomime)

29th Dec 1975 – 3rd Jan 1976 (9 perf)

(Dirs) Paul Holman & Avril Randall (Choreos) Hillary Mullen (Feek) & Anita Riley (MD's) Terry Hepworth & Paul Holman

As Long As They’re Happy (Drama)

18th – 20th Sept 1975

(Dir) Deanne Dickson (Ass Dir) Avril Randall

Show Boat (Musical)

26th – 31st May 1975 (6 perf)

(Dir) David Turner (Choreo) Hillary Mullen (MD) Malcolm Harvey


Mother Goose (Pantomime)

30th Dec 1974 – 4th Jan 1975 (7 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Choreo) Hillary Mullen (MD) Terry Hepworth

Blythe Spirit (Drama)

26th – 28th Sept 1974 (3 perf)

(Dir)Deanne Turner

White Horse Inn (Musical)

27th May – 1st June 1974 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Choreo) Hillary Feek (MD) Terry Hepworth


Robinson Crusoe (Pantomime)

29th Dec 1973 – 5th Jan 1974 (8 perf)

(Dir) Pam Hopper

Carousel (Musical)

28th May – 2nd June 1973 (6 perf)

(Dir) David Vickers (Choreo) Richard Chandler (MD) Paul Holman

Sailor Beware (Drama)

26th – 28th April 1973 (3 perf)

(Dirs) Maureen Miller & Pam Hopper (this was also entered into the 'Felixstowe Drama Festival' at the Spa Pavilion)


Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)

30th Dec 1972 – 6th Jan 1973 (7 perf)

(Dir) Maureen Miller (Choreo) Mollie Wright (MD) Paul Holman

Oklahoma! (Musical)

29th May – 3rd June 1972 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Choreo) Wendy Waters/Maureen Hart

(MD) Paul Holman

Bonaventure (Drama)

6th – 8th April 1972 (3 perf)

(Dir) Reg Blowers (Venue Lowestoft College Theatre)


Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)

28th Dec 1971 – 1st Jan 1972 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Choreo) Molly Wright (MD) Paul Holman

The Gentle Arm (Drama)

15th - 17th July 1971 (3 perf)

(Dir) Maureen Miller (Venue Lowestoft College Theatre)

Rose Marie (Musical)

31st May – 5th June 1971 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Choreo) Mollie Wright/Jennifer Tucker/Nicholas Bramble/Jocelyn Creffield (MD) Paul Holman/Terry Hepworth


Babes in the Wood (Pantomime)

28th December 1970 – 2nd January 1971 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Choreo) Molly Ladbrooke (MD) Paul Holman

The Boyfriend (Musical)

4th – 9th May 1970 (6 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (MD) Paul Holman


Aladdin & His Lamp (Pantomime)

House by the Lake (drama)

9th – 11th October 1969 (3 perf)

(Dir) Dorothy Fathers (Venue – Lowestoft College Theatre)

Whitson Revue (Revue)

26th - 31st May, 1969 (6 perf)

(Dir) Jann Richards (Choreo) Gwen Ling (MD) Paul Holman

Cinderella (Pantomime)

6th - 11th January 1969

(MD Paul Holman)


Ring Around The Moon (Drama)

20th - 22nd March 1968 (3 perf)

(Dir) Len Butler (Venue - Elderly People's Club Clapham Road)

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