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2016 - Dick Whittington &

The Pirate Adventure (Pantomime)

Years ago a young lad by the name of Richard Whittington set off on an amazing adventure, following his dreams for making a new life and seeking his fortune in the city of London, where legend had it the streets were paved with gold. Little did he know that he was to become entwined in a thrilling struggle between the Fairy Bow Bells and the villainous ruler of the underworld King Rat. Join Dick in this brand new, thrilling, pantomime adventure as he ventures forth from the port of London aboard the ‘Pungent Pilchard’, walks the plank, visits Davy Jones Locker, gets washed ashore on an exotic island, battles with pirates and a plague of rats, makes his fortune and all before marrying his true love and becoming Lord Mayor of London. In true Player’s tradition, this latest pantomime features spectacular scenery and costumes, toe-tapping music and dancing, hilarious comedy, and a host of wonderful pantomime characters.

You won’t want to miss Dick’s journey as he discovers that ‘dreams really do come true!’


Directors: John Marjoram and Wendy Takman

Choreographers: Wendy Takman and Beccie Amer

Children’s Choreographer: Beth Lewis

Choreography Assistant: Morgen Clarke

Musical Directors: Francesca Warren and Mike West

Stage Management: Jan Takman and Ryan Takman


Dick Whittington - Lee Nevill

Alice - Lauren Nevill

Dame Mary - Stephen Wilson

Idle Jack - Stephen Clark

Fairy -  Issy Anderson

Queen Rat - Deanne Dickson

Alderman Fitzwarren - Andrew Liddon

Bushy Beard - Lewis Caplin

No Beard - Pat Cregan

Captain - Gerald Wilson

Charlie the Cat - Polly Woodward

Sultan - Lawrie Groom  

Female Company:

Alicia Fisher, Ella Warren, Louise Clarke, Dayna Williams, Beth Lewis, Beth Freeman, Sami Bain,

Kelly Reed, Michelle Wilson, Suzanne Kingston, Hazel Cole, Harriet Chambers, Chloe Smithson  

Male Company:

Tom Higgins, Simon Warren, David Evans, Jimmy Atkin, Lawrie Groom, Robert Edmunds, Ben Norman 


Thomas Major, Katie Wright, Hannah Crisp, Ruby Westgate

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