The Committee Of The Lowestoft Players

We often refer to 'the small army' who all contribute in their own way towards the running and management of our society.  Without the time and efforts of these dedicated volunteers, none of our productions would be possible. 

Company Directors of The Lowestoft Players Ltd:

Chair: Jenny Wright

Vice-Chair/Venue/Technical: Andrew Groom
Membership Lead: Stephen Clark

Financial Director: Richard Doy 
Business Development: Nicholas Garrod

Facilities Development: Martin Wilson

Marketing/Productions: Jimmy Atkin

Publicity/Media Design: Stephen Wilson

IT and Technical Support: Ryan Takman

Social Lead: Trevor Toms

Child Protection/Productions: Paula Crisp

Company Secretary/Venue Hire: Georgina Warren

General Secretary/Productions: Claire Clark

Minutes Secretary: Judi Mars

Assistants to the Management Team:

Assistant to the Board of Directors: Ben Norman
Finance Support: Gerald Wilson
Players Theatre - Caretaking: Bernie Gooch

Players Theatre - Maintenance: Mervyn Braddick

Players Theatre - Stage Set-up: Jan Takman

Players Theatre - Box Office: Karen Carter

Players Theatre - Bar: Annie & Kimber Richards-Croft

Players Theatre - Supplies: Linda Goodhand
Membership Assistant: Peter Simmen 
Marketing Assistants: Karen Carter & Stephen Clark 
Sales and Group Bookings: John Swatton, Howie Forster & Karen Carter

Child Protection Officer: Caroline Warren

Funding: Mervyn Braddick & Martin Wilson
(To make a charitable contribution, please contact: Georgina Warren 07445 883568)

Ambassadors of The Lowestoft Players:

Lead Ambassador: Deanne Dickson 

Peter Aldous, Edward Back, Sue Bergin, Stella Bostock, Trevor Carter, Susan Catchpole,

Lord Somerleyton, Tony Mallion, Val Millward, Richard Morling, David Porter, Terry Rymer,

Peter Wilson.

Past Chairmen:
Jack Overy 1967 - 1978, Roy Randall 1978 - 1981
Val Byde 1981 - 1983, Pam Hopper 1983 - 1984
Peter Wilson 1984 - 1987, Deanne Dickson 1987 - 1990
Stephen Wilson 1990 - 1993, Nicholas Garrod 1993 - 1996
Andrew Liddon 1996 - 1999, Nicholas Garrod 1999 - 2002
Maurice Garrod 2002 - 2005, Deanne Dickson 2005 - 2006
Malcolm Berridge 2006 - 2010, Deanne Dickson 2010 - 2012
Maurice Garrod 2012 - 2014, Mervyn Braddick 2014 - 2015

Nicholas Garrod 2015 - 2016, Deanne Dickson and Stephen Wilson 2016 - 2017

Stephen Wilson 2017-2018.

Honorary Life Members:
Mr Les Bell.

Honorary Auditors:

E. Back & Co.