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Theatre turned green for Easter

Our Theatre was buzzing over Easter for The B&B Young Peoples’ Theatre Group’s production of Shrek the Musical.

After over two years in the planning 25 young performers from Lowestoft and the surrounding area, were very excited to take to the stage to perform this comedy musical.

Besides the main character of Shrek, the lovable Green Ogre from the swamp, there was definitely a green theme to the production with the clever use of an on-stage video screen which worked wonderfully to bring the set alive. The show was lit by members of the Lowestoft Players, who own the Theatre. The technical aspects of the production were worthy of comparison with a professional show.

Princess Fiona from Shrek the Musical performed by the B&B Young Peoples’ Theatre Group also looking very green. This production has two Princess Fionas each doing alternate shows. Pictured is Evie Forsdicke, aged 18.

Credit: Ferini Media

If there were any nerves the talented young cast certainly did not show it as they gave it their all throughout the run of eight shows, singing, dancing, acting and obviously enjoying the experience. Costumes were eye catching and colourful and for some cast members they must have been exceptionally warm to wear. The auditorium was almost full to capacity for most shows and the audience clearly had a great time too as they laughed in all the right places and clapped with great enthusiasm to show their appreciation of the performance.

A swamp scene from Shrek the Musical featuring cast members from the B&B Young Peoples’ Theatre Group. The clever use of a digital screen worked wonderfully to bring the set alive.

Credit: Ferini Media

Without exception all cast members were superb, but special mention must go to 19-year-old Josh Parks who played the character of Lord Farquaad. True to the film Lord Farquaad was particularly short. Josh, a tall young man himself, overcame the height issue by performing most of the show on his knees. A very clever costume gave him a pair of rather comical petite legs.

Cast members from the B&B Young Peoples’ Theatre Group performing Shrek the Musical with Lord Farquaad (front centre) played by Josh Parks, aged 19.

Credit: Ferini Media

With 29 moving lights, 70 video wall panels, 200 lighting cues and 444 video/sound cues it was a fast-moving show.

Calling the cues was 23-year-old Deputy Stage Manager Fay Bishop. We asked Fay if she was nervous herself.

“Yes! But with so many cues to call once the show got underway there wasn’t time for me to be nervous. I had to concentrate fully to make sure that everything happened as it should."

Fay Bishop, Deputy Stage Manager, with members of the technical team for the show. Fay was responsible for calling 200 lighting and 444 video/sound cues. It was a fast-moving show.

Credit: Graham Jermyn

B&B's next production will be the Little Shop of Horrors at The Players Theatre. All audition information will be released on B&B's social media channels. To book tickets for the Little Shop of Horrors visit or phone the Players Theatre Box Office on 01502 770020.


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