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Scared of a witch, fire in the theatre, but Beth carried on

Dancing from the age of three, Beth Freeman recalled her first show at the age of four years. She was part of the children’s company in the Lowestoft Players’ production of Sleeping Beauty, staged in 2003 at The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft.

“I was really scared of the Witch” Beth confessed.

I thought she was real and I cried every night. I was even taken to meet the Witch before each show so we could have a little chat but I was still scared!”

Beth also remembered that during the production one of the stage curtains caught fire and the Theatre was evacuated.

“Everyone had to leave the building and go to London Road North out of harm’s way. I can remember standing outside British Home Stores (now B&M). It was in December and I was really cold!”

Beth Freeman, choreographer for the Lowestoft Players production of 9 to 5 The Musical. Credit: Emma Cullen

Despite this rather perilous start to performing Beth was not put off and she continued to dance, taking lessons initially with Shirley Hurren and for the past 11 years with The Louise Elizabeth School of Dance, Lowestoft.

Venturing into production at 17 years old, she choreographed the Lowestoft Players’ Snow White in 2017, getting her Dad to dance on his knees in the family living room to emulate one of the dwarfs. Beth’s choreographing credits include Guys and Dolls and last year’s Lowestoft Players’ sell-out production of Joseph.

Her latest project is to choreograph 9 to 5 The Musical for The Players, a show which she told us that she has only ever watched on the Internet.

So how does she work out the moves?

“It’s not possible to plan the routines until the cast has been confirmed.” Beth explained.

“There’s lots to take into consideration, such as the experience of the cast. Luckily for 9 to 5 all but one of the company has danced previously, that really helps.”

Beth also explained that she has to take into consideration the height of everyone involved so that all can be seen on stage, although she does try to put the best dancers at the front.

For 9 to 5 there are 11 routines to choreograph and as the show is set in an office in the 1980s there is the additional issue of the company dancing in business suits. Obviously they seriously restrict movement.

Beth Freeman leading a rehearsal with the Lowestoft Players’ cast of 9 to 5 The Musical. Credit: Emma Cullen

Beth is truly committed to dance and is just two practical examinations away from becoming a ballet teacher. For this, study has included anatomy and physiology. Although Beth also has ambitions to qualify to teach tap she is quite sure that she has no plans to leave her day job as a dental nurse in Lowestoft.

Our production of 9 to 5 The Musical will be performed at The Players Theatre, Battery Green Road from 7th to 16th October 2022. Tickets are available from or by contacting the Box Office on 01502 770020.


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