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Our 'Relight My Fire' Crowdfunding campaign is Now Live

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Having watched our video you will have heard the words of our Voice of The Players Theatre in Lowestoft. The Theatre is home to the Lowestoft Players and a range of other groups. Like many theatres we are closed due to Covid. Unlike many others we may not be able to re-open as our 30 year old heating system has been condemned.

We need to replace it and have chosen an air source climate management system which will cost £35,000. It will enable us to keep our patrons and venue users comfortable all year round by warming them up in the winter and cooling them down in the summer. It will help reduce our running costs, our carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment.

If we can get off to a good start we may qualify for funding from M&S Energy.

A failure to open will have a massive impact on the people in the Lowestoft area. We are at the centre of the Lowestoft community with a number of groups using our facility taking the opportunity to rehearse or perform on a stage in a theatre. The camaraderie that exists between performers as the adrenaline flows before and during a performance will disappear, friendships will fade away, careers in the performing arts will be lost and a valuable interest for people of all ages will disappear.

The creative expression that flows from theatre has a positive impact on mental health.

Our members, performers, patrons, hirers, and back stage volunteers speak highly of the part that The Players Theatre plays in their lives. Please see their testimonials below.

So Relight My Fire and our theatre for years to come!

for more information or to make an important donation to our campaign visit:


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