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Our Beauty & The Beast Cast

We are pleased to announce our Beauty & The Beast Pantomime Cast!

With so many talented people, unfortunately we were just not able to cast everyone. We know so many will be disappointed, but we really do sincerely thank you for auditioning and hope to see you at auditions for our future productions, 9 to 5 the musical, Elf and Pantomime 2023!

Belle: Gabriella Harvey Mobbs

Beast: Chris Tanton

Dame Fanny Facemask: Jimmy Atkin

Russell Sprout: Lewis Caplin

Ben: Lawrie Groom

Jerry: Stephen Brown

Fairy Rose-Marie: Harmony Jenkerson

Botrytis Blight (Previously Anthracnose): Judi Mars

Pops: Stephen Wilson

Fay Bishop

Ben Norman

Jack Bloomfield

Brandon Orton

Hannah Crisp

Christopher Penn

Emma-Jayne Cullen

Annie Richards-Croft

Howie Forster

Bethan Roscoe

Tom Higgins

Wendy Takman

Suzie Kingston

Matthew Wade

Lynda Morgan

Ella Warren

Danielle Newman

Simon Warren


Beth Freeman

Kelly Reed

Ellie Rodgers

Cerys Roscoe

Congratulations to our cast, let’s get this panto started! For those successful, this weeks rehearsal schedule is below:

Tuesday 19th October – 8pm start in the studio – Principal read through.

Wednesday 20th October – 7.30pm - Hall - Company and Belle Singing with Carl.

8pm in the studio – Rose-Marie Script

Thursday 21st October - 7.30pm - Hall – Company and Belle Dancing with Mary

8pm in the studio – Russell Sprout Script

Dame to join in Studio when they can.


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