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Justin Time but unlucky in life and love

A great pantomime always has a winning formula – audience participation, lots of laughs, a dame, a princess and a comical character who unfortunately is a little unlucky in life.

For our production of Snow White, Lee Nevill will play this role. Named Justin Time he is the son of Dame Lizzie Crust, a baker. Justin Time is smitten with Snow White, but sadly his love for her is unrequited.

Dame Lizzie Crust, Snow White and Justin Time from our production of Snow White.

Credit: Stephen Wilson

Lee, 46, has been performing on stage since he was at school when his Grandad encouraged him to audition for the part of The Artful Dodger for a musical production of Oliver. Since his stage debut he has played many roles but his favourite is comedy.

“I’m particularly looking forward to the slap stick scene” exclaimed Lee. “I’ll be baking with Dame Lizzie Crust. Although the scene is scripted no one ever knows what will happen when we and the stage get covered in sticky and very slippery milky dessert. It’s also very pungent and very cold. We’ll have bucket loads of the stuff on stage!”

The script for Snow White has been adapted by Lee’s wife, Lauren, who is also directing the production.

“Lauren has been so busy at home making props for the panto, the only time she has had to help me learn my lines is when we are eating our dinner” explained Lee. “The production has really taken over our lives, and our spare bedroom where the props are being stored.”

Although Lee loves to be the comic creating mayhem and silliness on stage, he told us that he is incredibly proud of Lauren. However, he is feeling the pressure for this production somewhat as he doesn’t want to let Lauren down.

When not on stage Lee is Manager of Teaching and Learning at East Coast College, Lowestoft. His colleagues have bought tickets to watch Lee perform.

Lee Nevill who will play the character of Justin Time in our production of Snow White. Although Lee is funny on stage he’s had to work hard to learn new dance routines.

Credit: Emma Cullen

“I think they are going to be in for a bit of shock” Lee said. “My behaviour at work is very different to that on stage!”

Snow White will be performed at The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft from Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th January.

To see Justine Time and all of his friends please contact The Marina Theatre Box Office on 01502 533200 or visit the Theatre’s website –


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