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Guest presenter at Players Theatre

Volunteer staff at the popular Players Theatre, Lowestoft are very excited to announce that a nationally known broadcaster is now associated with their Theatre.

For the first time this month before, during and after the Lowestoft Players production of the Vicar of Dibley at Christmas the voice of broadcaster Zeb Soanes will be heard delivering the front of house announcements.

Lowestoft born Zeb Soanes’ first association with the Players Theatre was in August when he was invited to give a talk to the audience before BBC Radio 4’s live broadcast of Any Questions.

Zeb talked about growing up in Lowestoft and drifting off to sleep as a boy listening to the shipping forecast. Little did he know then that years later he would be presenting the same forecast on BBC Radio 4 as well as the 6 o’clock news.

“We really enjoyed having the BBC at our Theatre earlier in the year” said Ben Norman, theatre volunteer.

“We especially enjoyed listening to Zeb. He talked about how he had grown up in our Town and how his family had encouraged him to achieve his dream of becoming a radio broadcaster. As well as telling his interesting and inspiring story it was clear that the audience was captivated by his voice which is so smooth and an absolute delight to listen to.”

After the BBC had left the building some of the technical volunteers at the Theatre were chatting and agreed that it would be amazing if Zeb could be persuaded to record a set of front of house announcements for their Theatre. Not for one moment did they believe that this would happen but they agreed to ask anyway.

To everyone’s delight Zeb did agree to record the announcements. He also very generously donated them.

“The Theatre volunteers gave BBC Radio 4 such a warm welcome and did everything they possibly could to make sure that the live broadcast of Any Questions went well.” Zeb said.

I know that much work has been done to develop and improve the Players Theatre so it was a pleasure to provide support in this way.”

Although Zeb, aged 45, now lives in Islington he visits Lowestoft frequently to catch up with family and friends.

The Lowestoft Players production of The Vicar of Dibley at Christmas will run from 8th to 12th December. Zeb Soanes will be ‘at’ the Theatre for the Dibley production and it is hoped for many productions to come.

He can also be heard reading the news on BBC Radio 4 on Christmas Day as well as narrating several events and concerts around the country over the festive period. He is also the author of the bestselling Gaspard the Fox series of children’s books. The musical version of his latest book will have its London premiere at the Southbank on 16th February.

Photo credit: Charlie Carter


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