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Countdown to 9 to 5

With just over nine weeks to go until our production of 9 to 5 The Musical takes to the stage, the cast has been announced.

9 to 5 The Musical is a based on the iconic 80s film staring Dolly Parton. It tells the story of three female office workmates pushed to boiling point by their sexist and egotistical boss.

“I’m so very happy that we’ve been able to appoint such a strong cast for this comedy musical production” exclaimed Stephen Wilson, Co-Director.

Without exception our performers are highly talented. Audience members will recognise many faces from our previous productions and for this show, we are delighted to welcome some new members too.”

The majority of our members have daytime jobs with performers choosing to spend much of their free time rehearsing at our Theatre, The Players Theatre. With a cast of 21 for 9 to 5 we have carried out research to find out how many of these actually carry out paid work in an office.

It turns out that it’s not many. Careers include retail, travel, photography, education, sales and manufacturing with one full time student and one who is enjoying retirement.

We did manage to find one office worker, Jo ‘Howie’ Forster, a member for 25 plus years. Jo will play the character of Missy Hart in the production, the wife of Franklin Hart Jnr, the perpetrator of unacceptable behaviour. We asked Jo how she thinks working in an office on stage will differ from working her day job in an office?

“Possibly for me not very much.” Jo replied.

My work colleagues are very used to me practicing my lines and dance steps by the photocopier, but nowadays I tend not to often wear clothes from the 1980s!”

Our production of 9 to 5 The Musical will be performed at our Theatre, The Players Theatre on Battery Green Road for 10 performances from 7th to 16th October 2022. Tickets are available by visiting or by contacting the Box Office on 01502 770020.

The full 9 to 5 The Musical cast list:

Emily Simpson - VIOLET

Polly Blowers - DORALEE

Daisy Such - JUDY


Paula Crisp - ROZ

Stephen Brown - JOE IT

Suzie Kingston - MARGARET (the Lush)

Howie Forster - MISSY HART - (Hart’s Wife) / ENSEMBLE

Hazel Cole - KATHY (Office Gossip) / ENSEMBLE

Gabriella Harvey-Mobbs - MARIA (Office Employee) / ENSEMBLE

Jimmy Atkin - DICK (Judy’s Ex Husband) / ENSEMBLE Customer

Chris Tanton - DWAYNE (Doralee’s Husband) / ENSEMBLE

Andrew Liddon - TINSWORTHY (The CEO)

Dan Clark - BOB (Promoted Clerk) / ENSEMBLE

Jack Bloomfield - JOSH (Violet’s Son) / ENSEMBLE

Fay Bishop - Office Employee / ENSEMBLE

Emma Jayne Cullen - Office Employee / ENSEMBLE

Ellie Rogers - Office Employee /ENSEMBLE

Daisy Tyrell-Kent - Office Employee / ENSEMBLE

Ben Norman - Office Employee / ENSEMBLE

Simon Warren - Office Employee / ENSEMBLE

Image above:

Cast members from The Lowestoft Players’ production of 9 to 5 The Musical with Jo ‘Howie’ Forster front row, far right. Jo will play Missy Hart, the wife of Franklin Hart Jnr, the perpetrator of unacceptable behaviour.

Credit: Stephen Wilson


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