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2015 - Legally Blonde (Musical)

For 6 performances only 2nd - 6th JUNE 2015

The 'Legally Blonde' Creative Team:


Choreographer - BETH LEWIS

Assistant Choreographer - WENDY TAKMAN

Musical Director - KRISTA RIBBONS



Stage Manager - RYAN TAKMAN

The 'Legally Blonde' Cast:

POLLY WOODWARD - Elle Woods                                                                                     

HARRIET SHIELDS - Paulette Buonufonte

LOUISE CLARKE - Brooke Wyndham / Shandi (Delta Nu 9)                            

DAYNA WILLIAMS - Vivienne Kensington

LUCY WILLIS  - Enid Hoopes

CHARLOTTE TROTTER - Margot (Delta Nu 1)                                                                   

MEGAN BARR  - Serena (Delta Nu 2)                                                                    

RIANNE    HAYNES  - Pilar  (Delta Nu 3)                                                        

TOM GUTTRIDGE - Emmett Forest

LEWIS CAPLIN - Warner Huntington III

JIMMY ATKIN -  Professor Callahan

HAZEL COLE - Kate (Delta Nu 4) / Chutney Wyndham                             

KATIE WARNES - Gabby (Delta Nu 5)                                                                     

ASHLIEGH HITTER -  Cece (Delta Nu 6) / Whitney                                                  

SAMANTHA BAIN - Gaelen (Delta Nu 7)                                                                    

SARAH FISH - Leilani (Delta Nu 8)               

JUDI MARS - Boutique Sales Manager / Pforzheimer / Judge / Ensemble

HOWIE FORSTER - Rude Sales Person / DA Joyce Riley / Ensemble

GEORGINA WARREN - Elle’s Mom / Ensemble

CHRIS PENN - Kyle, the UPS Delivery God / Dewey / Cheer Leader / Ensemble

CHARLES GOOCH - Grand Master Chad / Kiki / Ensemble

DAVE EVANS - Elle’s Dad / Winthrop / TV Reporter / Ensemble

DAN HUGHES - Aaron Schultz / Nikos / Ensemble

ANDREW WOLFINDEN - Sundeep  Agrawal Padamadam / Ensemble

TOM HIGGINS - Carlos / Ensemble

ALAN SUTTON - Lowell / Ensemble

SIMON WARREN - Student / Cheerleader / Bandsman / Strore Manager / Ensemble

CAMPBELL TROTTER - Student / Bandsman / Ensemble

BEN NORMAN - Student / Bandsman / Ensemble



"Unafraid to embrace risk and challenge, The Lowestoft Players are staging the East Anglian amateur premiere of the bubblegum, high fun musical Legally Blonde.

Based on the myth of the dumb, ditzy blonde bombshell unable to cope with legal training at Harvard Law School, this musical love-comedy follows Elle, stunningly

portrayed by Polly Woodward, as she learns that the law can help others. She is the outsider who shakes up a stuffy establishment, in love with the creep (Lewis Caplin)

and unaware of her true destiny (Tom Guttridge) til the explosion of dancing, singing energy that is the finale.Yes, individual roles impress, but as always with the award

winning Players, it's the might of their ensemble that stuns. From outstanding choreography of both cast and impressive stage furniture, singing and dancing to the incredible

support behind scenes, they provide compelling entertainment. It's a high energy, feel-good show from start to finish, not taking itself too seriously. It will please the Players'

traditional fans and draw a new generation of lovers of quality musical theatre."

David Porter - EDP


"The Players burst onto the stage with infectious 'Omigod You Guys', as Elle frantically tries to find the perfect dress to wear for her boyfriend's imminent proposal. Except

he dumps her. But as Elle mourns the loss of her one true love, so the musical lost bubblegum pink energy that started it off with a bang. Towards the end of the first half

hairdresser Paulette (Harriet Shields) provided some welcome comic moments, but it really got going again in the second act. The dance routines were more spectacular,

particularly the 'Whipped into Shape', segment and the musical's famous 'Bend and Snap' scene, the laughs came more easily and the songs more memorable. And while the

cast as a whole more than did the show justice, Polly Woodward shone as Elle from the moment she set foot on the stage. She hit every note, delivered each line convincingly

and beautifully chartered Elle's journey from dumb Malibu blonde to serious Harvard law student without ever making it feel insincere. At its heart, Legally Blonde is an upbeat,

feel good, fun musical with plenty of singing, plenty of dancing and plenty of pink."

Polly Grice - The Lowestoft Journal


Tonight Callum and I went to the Lowestoft Marina Theatre to watch one of my favourite shows of all time!

Legally Blonde the Musical!

 Now I just so happen to be a veteran when it comes to the musical as I’ve seen it on the West End’s opening night, Charity Gala, Local Theatres and on the internet more times

than I can remember! This production is running for a limited time so I HAD to go see it! As I mentioned before, I’ve seen this production on the biggest scale possible in the UK

and when it toured around the UK so I think I can be a safe bet when it comes to having an opinion on the show. As a winner of an Olivier award for best new musical, it absolutely

steamrolled the competition during its run with hardly an empty seat every show! Hand on heart, I’ll have to admit I was dubious about seeing an amateur production since it may

lose some of the class and magic of the Musical Theatre but oh boy was I wrong! It’s like rediscovering your favourite film or album and kicking yourself for not enjoying it more

often. All the cast performed with outstanding talent and fire, surprising the whole audience with a phenomenal show. The dance moves were sharp, the songs were uniquely

performed, the band were spot on and the delivery of comedy lines were flawless. An amateur production it may have been, but an amateur performance it was not!I have to say

I was more than impressed with the scenery and costumes for the show since there are a LOT of elements that are delivered through the visual set-up of the story and they certainly

nailed it! With regards to the casting I have to say Emmet Forest (Tom Guttridge) stole the show. His character was amazingly believable and accurate! The vocals from Elle Woods

(Polly Woodward) was a joy to listen to as she hit every note in every song. My favourite song was actually performed by Professor Callaghan (Jimmy Atkin). His take on the “Swanky

Jazz” number really gave a new edge to his character and still showed a veteran like me that every performer can put their own stamp on a show! But what is Legally Blonde without

the UPS guy? 100% nailed it! All of the cast put on a stellar show and should be proud of a thoroughly enoyable show! After speaking to the staff about the show I was shocked at how

quickly they had mastered their show and I can only say this, If you’re in the area GO SEE IT! It’s a fantastic night out for a very decent price.

Holly Smith - (

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