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There's nothing like a Dame!

There’s nothing like a Dame, especially one running around the streets of Lowestoft wearing a pair of fluffy carpet slippers.

This is the chosen foot attire for Dame Julie Jubilee from our spring pantomime Beauty and the Beast. Having sprinted from her home in the High Street, Lowestoft, Dame Julie Jubilee will enter the Theatre at the start of each performance wearing her slippers.

Playing the character will be James Atkin, a member of The Lowestoft Players for eight years. Although James has appeared in many Lowestoft Players’ productions previously, his last was the role of Simeon in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, he has never before appeared as a Dame.

Dame Julie Jubilee from our spring pantomime, Beauty and the Beast. Dame Julie Jubilee will run from her home in the High Street, Lowestoft to enter the Theatre at the start of each show wearing her fluffy carpet slippers.

Credit: Stephen Wilson

“This is such a wonderful character to play” said James. “As well as having some great lines and some very bad jokes, I will also have 10 amazing costumes to wear. My colourful and rather flamboyant wardrobe has been created for me by our super talented costume team and I just can’t wait to show them all off!”

So why did James want to play a Dame?

“Dames are always such fun” he explained. “I’m really looking forward to the reaction to my character from the audience.”

Despite the amusing character James has been taking his role very seriously. Whilst other cast members have attended rehearsals wearing stretchy dance wear, James has been wearing a hooped skirt. He explained that wearing the skirt helps him to move around the stage like a ‘lady’.

And carpet slippers for outdoor use?

“That’s not ideal” he said. I’ve already run a few miles around Town in them so I’m not sure that they will last for eleven shows. I must admit that I have become rather attached to the fluffy slippers. Sadly they are borrowed so when pantomime has finished I’ll have to return them to my partner Hazel!”

When not performing on stage James is a Customer Services Advisor at East Suffolk Council.

Beauty and the Beast, featuring Dame Julie Jubilee, will be performed at the Players Theatre, Battery Green Road, Lowestoft from Friday 20th to Sunday 29th May 2022. To book please visit or contact the Theatre’s Box Office on 01502 770020.


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