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2015 - Grease (Musical)


Choreographer - ANNA GOODHAND

Musical Director - CARL SIMMONS

Production Assistant - HAZEL COLE

Stage Manager - JAN TAKMAN


The Cast:

DANNY: Tom Guttridge / KENICKIE: Ricky Reeve / SONNY: Lawrie Groom / ROGER: Simon Warren / DOODY: Daniel Hughes

SANDY: Issy Anderson / RIZZO: Emily Simpson / FRENCHY: Lorna Tucker / MARTY: Claire Doughty / JAN: Angie Smith

MISS LYNCH: Roz Payne / PATTY: Georgi Bessey / WAITRESS / BLANCHE: Sandra Skipper / CHA-CHA: Kelly Reed

EUGENE: Campbell Trotter / JOHNNY CASINO: David Evans / TEEN ANGEL: Craig Lovatt / VINCE FONTAINE: Stephen Shields

COACH CALHOON: Jimmy Atkin / COMPANY / ENSEMBLE: Jimmy Atkin, Callum Howard, Emily Fox

PIT SINGERS: Stephanie Clarke, Sherry Geary, Daisy Tyrell-Kent, Caroline Warren,

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